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The Adventures of Captain Inbound: Episode Two 

Ring ring! Ring ring! MAKE IT STOP!

The Sultan of Spam is at it again, this time with a cold calling campaign designed to interrupt you every day for the rest of your life!

Chris Brogan shares some words of wisdom with Greta Get Found, Chris Convert, and Annie Analyze. Then, led by the fantastic Captain Inbound, Team Inbound comes to our rescue!

Watch marketing hero Captain Inbound defeat the Sultan of Spam to save the day in the second episode of HubSpot's animated cartoon web series.

The Adventures of Captain Inbound: Episode Two 

Character Voices:

Captain Inbound:@jlopin
Greta Get Found:
Chris Convert: @OneAndOnlyCJ 
Annie Analyze
: @Cortenberg
Sultan of Spam: @vleckas
: @andrewtquinn
Chris Brogan:
@chrisbrogan (as himself)

Animated by Eric Guerin (@EricGuerin)

Inbound Marketing Rap - with the SEO Rapper




Is the song stuck in your head? Download the .mp3 here and listen to it all day! (2.74MB)


Verse 1:

It's the SEO Rapper, you recognize the sound
Puttin it down at HubSpot's compound
Here to talk about marketing, inbound
First step, make sure that you get found
Don't use outbound like print and TV
Cold calling, tradeshows, or worse the YP
Throwing money at the wall to see how much sticks
If that's your campaign then you might as well quit
Keywords and SEO, that's how I get it in
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn
You've gotta use social, don't forget local
They might find you on a smart phone, going mobile
Blogs and SEO and eBooks work fine
Or viral YouTube videos, like mine
I'm the truth like Paul Pierce in clutch time
Build links to my site and watch my page rank climb


Inbound marketing
Who you targeting?
You know what you've got to do
It will work for you
Inbound marketing, you should try it too!

Verse 2:

When they search and they find you, first step
Then they see a CTA so, what's next?
Contact forms capture lead information
Respond quickly with no hesitation
If you got what they need, then provide service
I call that an inbound conversion
And when they find you analyze how they did it
Traffic sources and the keywords, analytics
This not an expense, it's an investment
This how your marketing dollars best spent
If you're not doing this then, it's gon cost ya
Cause outbound marketing is a toss up
I put it down from H-Town to Boston
The competition's tryna figure how I lost em
That's easy, I gave it all that I got,
SEO Rapper puttin it down for HubSpot!

Hook Again


The SEO Rapper: Charles Lewis (@chuck)
Singer: Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)
Outbound Boss: Jeanne Hopkins (@jeannehopkins)
Outbound Marketers: Andy Pitre, Matt Stein, Colleen Carney, Ellie Mirman
Inbound Marketers: Eric Vreeland, Dedric Polite, Amanda Iglesias, David Wells
Production & Direction & Editing: Hartley Brody (@hartleybrody)
Production & Camera Operator: Brad Bush (@rad_ush)

Creative Commons License


Clicks Talk - Ke$sha Parody Music Video


Clicks Talk (Parody of Ke$ha's "Tik Tock")
by Woody Tondorf

Tweeting in the morning on the way to the meeting
Update status: "19th floor
I'm just so good it's like cheating!"
Got my degree (MIT) and my plan of attack
‘Cause when I start the preso I ain’t goin’ back

I’m talkin' excellent SEO
Blogging just like the pros
Clients blowing up your phones
Desktoppin’! Rocking the SFDC
Blowin’ up RSS feeds
Better than Kawasaki

Put ‘em up
HubSpot put your searches up
That’s right. I’mma type
'Til we see the sunlight
Clicks Talk
Content rocks and your blogging don’t stop no!

Ain’t got a cent in your bank cause your inbox is clear
So we set up landing pages and they’re already here
And now the sales are lining up, you’re a content creator
And you’re tracking all your progress with our sweet Website Grader

I’m talking ‘bout
C to the M to the S
Clients all lookin’ impressed
Lead generation success
Na Na Now Inbound what's it's all about
And cold calling’s for clowns
Cold calling’s for clowns



Baby Got Leads


"Baby Got Leads"
By HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss  

Oh my god, Karen, look at his leads 
They are sooo hot... Ugh.
He looks like one of those inbound marketers
Those leads... they wanna buy... like right now. 
They're just so... ORGANIC!

I like hot leads and I cannot lie
You marketers can't deny
When a lead converts on a target landing page
Cause my offer's all the rage
I get sprung
Write a blog post next
Cause you know that text gets indexed
Make content they can't stop sharing
My podcasts the music's blaring
Oh baby I wanna convertcha
It's fine. Won't hutcha
Organic Google searchers
Makes those leads you got
"Me-Me so nurtured"

Form-filled out break through
You say you wanna get in my queue?
Cold Calling? Appalling
Cause you know my leads come crawling

Come to my website
You found me? Yeah that's right
Call-to-action is all they need

I'm tired of marketing teams 
Who say outbound is their thang
Take the average rep and ask them that
Inbound's where it's at
So Sales Teams (Yeah)
Sales Teams (Yeah)
Are your leads all gonna close?
(Hell yeah!)
So turn around. Follow up.
Even prospects got to shout.
Baby got leads.



Direction, Lyrics and Video Editing: Rebecca Corliss (@repcor)
Music Mixing: Dan Abdinoor (@abdinoor)

Sir Convert-A-Lot: Vas Leckas (@vleckas)
Lead Bro: Brian Cantwell (@cantwell)
Lead Lady #1: Karen Rubin (@karenrubin)
Lead Lady #2: Rebecca Corliss 
Ensemble: The @HubSpot Team


You Ought Know Inbound Marketing


"Oughta Know Inbound Marketing"
By HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss

If I make one more call
I might go punch a wall.
No one understands
That this doesn't work.

They hang up cause I'm a creep.
The mail I send they don't read.
They always find a way to
Ignore me.
I'm interrupting their lives
So they threaten me with knives.
I didn't think that marketing was like torture.

Cause the calls, direct mail
TV ads, they all fail.
And they aren't getting me anywhere. They don't work.
And every time I try to sell
'Didja know that I'm told I should go to hell?
Then I cry. Then I cry.
And you wonder why.

I want leads
To come to me.
Fix our SEO
Get some inbound links.
Let's get blogging.
Why don't we just use inbound marketing?
You. You. You. Oughta know.

Get my page rank up.
Tag my content.
Fix my landing page.
Let them come to me.

Now I can blog I can tweet
Publish things you will read.
Won't have to bug you in the middle of dinner.
Google me organically
Search results one two and three.
You need my products? Uh huh. Yeah you'll find me.

Cause the calls, direct mail
TV ads, they all failed.
And they weren't getting me anywhere. They don't work.
And every time I tried to sell
'Didja know I was told I should go to hell.
Then I cried. Then I cried.
And you wondered why.

Now my leads
They come to me
Fixed our SEO
Got some inbound links
Now we're blogging
Thank god now we use inbound marketing.
You. You. You. Oughta know.


The Adventures of Captain Inbound: Episode One 

Learn more about Captain Inbound. 
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