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Ben & Jerry Upset about "Innovation": Marketing Update 9/14/12


Episode #217 - September 14, 2012

  • How to interact on Twtter: Include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Karen Rubin (@karenrubin) and Mike Volpe (@mvolpe)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


Ben & Jerry Upset about "Innovation" 

  • The makers of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream do not like what they see in a new XXX-Rated DVD series called “Ben & Cherry’s.
  • A California company called Rodax Video has released 10 titles within the series, with names like “Hairy Garcia,” “Boston Cream Thigh,”Americone Cream,” and "Peanut Butter D Cup" with logos that are clearly a take-off of the Ben & Jerry’s mark.
  • A lawsuit filed Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court demands the porn be taken off the market and seeks unspecified damages.
  • Marketing Takeaway: 

Shoppers & The Digital Age

    • Showrooming is when a shopper uses a brick and mortar store to touch and try a product only to buy it online.
    • 84% of “showrooming shoppers” have conducted research while shopping in-store.
    • 33% of consumers have admitted to comparison shopping on a competitor’s website while in another retailer’s store.
    • 6% were likely to abandon an in-store purchase for a competitor.
      Jack Philbin, co-founder, CEO and president of Vibes couldn’t have put it better when he said,

      “The retailers who don’t deploy a mobile marketing strategy will continue to be challenged with decreasing in-store sales and risk being Amazoned.”

    • Recent research by Google into the ways in which people use their multiple devices to conduct searches offers some interesting insights.
    • The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,”Google says that 90 percent of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, whether that’s on smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV.
    • But when people are out and about, smartphones searches are all about the spur of the moment. According to Google: "We found that people often turn to nearby devices to complete spur-of-the-moment activity. In fact, 80% of the searches that happen on smartphones are spur-of-the-moment, and 44% of these spontaneous searches are goal-oriented."
    • A young colleague did a quick check to see where a recently recommended restaurant was located, which he found, and then saw there was a coupon offer, which he noted, and then he clicked on the click-to-call link to see if there was a table.  There was. We enjoyed our lunch and when it was time to pay, he whipped his iPhone out, pulled the coupon, the waiter punched something in (I couldn't see what) -- and voila! Our lunch was half price.
    • The Wall Street Journal recently noted that folks are able to do comparison shopping from the showroom floor and make decisions instantly about whether to buy now or wait and get a better deal. The trend is called “showrooming,” and they estimate 39 percent of walkouts are influenced by smartphone usage.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Figure out how to leverage mobile devices to enhance your customers experiences. 
Facebook Exchange Makes it's Beta Debut
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX) is a cookie-based ad targeting system that serves up ads related to a user's web browsing activity, in real time on Facebook.
  • Facebook Exchange allows marketers to leverage consumer insight data to remarket to the same audience on Facebook at the right time
  • AllFacebook and TechCrunch shared some results from several DSPs that were involved in the Facebook Exchange beta program. 
    • As a whole, the data seems to indicate that FBX ads may be less expensive and generate higher clickthrough rates.
    • Furthermore, they seem to generate higher post-click conversion rates compare to retargeted ads on other exchanges -- even Google’s AdX.
    • AdRoll reported an ROI of 16X for its clients using FBX ads.
    • TellApart's clients generated an average clickthrough rate of 6.65% with FBX ads vs. 6.41% on Google's AdX. 
    • Triggit indicated that its clients' FBX ads' post-click conversion rates were 2.2X higher, their cost-per-click was 5.6X lower, and they generated 4X more profit than ads via traditional ad exchanges.
  • FBX Product Marketing Manager Scott Shapiro says they aren't for everyone: "Facebook Exchange is perfect when the objective is a conversion outside Facebook and the data used to drive that objective exists outside Facebook. When brand goals like increasing awareness and favorability are the objective, Facebook’s native tools are usually a better fit because they work with all our social formats and placements in addition to fan targeting."

  • Marketing Takeaway: Targeted marketing for the win!

You Get B's Email? 

  • President Barack Obama's fund-raising team, never known for being discreet in email solicitations, used a new name in the "From" field Thursday to ask supporters for money: Beyoncé Knowles.
  • "Jay and I will be meeting up with President Obama for an evening in NYC sometime soon. And we want you to be there!" the "Single Ladies" singer continued.On Wednesday CNN confirmed Knowles and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, would host a fund-raiser for Obama in New York City next week. The event is slated to take place at Jay-Z's club "40/40."

  • Marketing Takeaway: Leverage your biggest fans!

Goodbye Summer, It's the Final Andrew & Ellie Show!: Marketing Update 9/7/12


Episode #216 - September 7, 2012

Goodbye Summer, It's the Final Andrew & Ellie Show!


  • How to interact on Twitter: include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


 INBOUND 2012: The largest gathering of inbound marketers

  • 2800 marketers descended on Boston for INBOUND 2012
  • There were fantastic keynote speakers: David Meerman Scott, Rand Fishkin, Susan Cain, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dharmesh Shah & Brian Halligan
  • There we also rock stars: Cyndi Lauper and Wildside!
  • 5 different categories of break out sessions over the three days featuring thought leaders from inside HubSpot, our partners and customers.
  • Fantastic event that was aimed at helping everyone in attendance become better marketers in the spirit of making marketing people love.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Now it’s time to plan for INBOUND 2013. Get your tickets now. 

HubSpot introduces the future of marketing software: HubSpot 3

  • Watch the keynote video with Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah: 
  • Learn more about HubSpot 3: 
  • HubSpot announced its biggest product release: HubSpot 3, the only easy, integrated, and powerful marketing platform
  • This latest release includes centralized tools so you don’t have to cobble together multiple fragmented systems, including a centralized contacts database that gives you a 360 degree view of your relationship with your contacts and powers segmentation and personalization in all of your marketing
  • Also included are tools to help you deliver the right content to the right person at the right time and through the right medium, from smart CTAs to smart form fields and workflows that help you build your database and deliver the right offer to the right person
  • All this plus a continuing education program and community to increase your marketing knowledge, and a mobile app to take HubSpot analytics and contacts with you on the go
  • HubSpot 3 is a remarkable release that makes the difficult easy and the impossible possible
  • Marketing Takeaway: If you’re a HubSpot customer or you’re interested in learning more about HubSpot 3, check out to learn how you can use HubSpot 3 to make marketing people love!  

Facebook rolls out ad targeting by email addresses and mobile phone numbers

  • Facebook continues to roll out innovations for marketers. The latest is ad targeting based on information a marketer already has.
  • Here’s how it works:
    • As a marketer, you probably have some type of prospect/customer list.
    • And you mostly likely have email addresses, phone numbers or customer IDs.
    • You upload that list into Facebook and it gets synced up with Facebook accounts.
    • Once that done you have the ability to target Facebook ads just to the people that are on your list.
    • You can segment your list within Facebook to target subgroups from that list.
  • You might wondering about the privacy implications. Facebook has set this up so that they don’t have direct access to the marketers data and the marketer doesn’t  have direct access to the facebook accounts that match the list.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Segmentation is HOT. Your marketing database is an extremely valuable asset. Use new and innovative way to use that database and segment it to send the right message to the right person is getting easier all the time. Segment your way to success. 

Social media grows up

  • Pingdom reported on age distribution across social media sites.
  • Over 50% of social media users are in the 25-45 age range, and another 19% are in the 45-55 age range.
  • LinkedIn, Yelp, Facebook, and Flickr have the oldest audiences. Facebook, for example, has 65% of their users 35 or older.
  • Reddit, Tumblr, MySpace are among those with the youngest audiences.
  • Overall the social media userbase is older than you might expect - the average age is 37 years.
  • Most sites are slightly dominated by women.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Social media has an older userbase than you might expect and is definitely frequented by a wide range of age groups. If you think your audience isn’t on social media, think again. 

Can you buy a Facebook Like? 

  • Marketing Pilgrim pulled together some interesting data discount shoppers.
  • You might not realize it’s National Coupon Month!
  • Red Plum, a major coupon producer, released their annual purse string study.
  • The key finding: It has now become 2nd nature for people to look for discounts and coupons. They expect it.
  • To save 25% survey respondents said the following:
    • 75% said they would sign up for an email newsletter for 25% off
    • 67% said they would like a page on Facebook
    • Only 17% said they would retweet a deal
  • Marketing Takeaway: Discounting can be an interesting way to build your subscriber database or develop a bigger base of fans. Beware, you get what you pay for. Make sure you track the effectiveness of a discounting program to ensure you getting a good return. 

LinkedIn company pages get a makeover

  • LinkedIn announced it’s making changes to the layout of company pages and has already rolled it out to select companies, including HP, Dell, and HubSpot! The change will go out to everyone later this year.
  • Products & Services section is now more prominent, being featured in the right sidebar rather than a tab.
  • More prominent option to post targeted company updates to reach certain segments of your audience.
  • On the new Products & Services page, recommendations by people in your network are more prominently displayed.
  • Unfortunately, all the “about” sections are buried in the new layout.
  • Overall, LinkedIn is following the format of company pages on other social media sites like Facebook and Google+, focusing less on biographies and more on content and the social graph. 
  • Marketing Takeaway: Make sure you’re adding content to your LinkedIn company page, especially info on your products & services and recommendations of them as well. All social media sites are favoring this type of content over the boilerplate “about us” sections that we’re used to.

Marketing Tip of the Week

You can have a lot of fun talking about marketing on a Friday afternoon while enjoying an adult beverage. It’s been a great summer; we’ve enjoyed bringing you our perspective on marketing news and we enjoyed meeting some of our viewers at INBOUND 2012.  If you weren’t there you really missed out. Be there for INBOUND 2013.

Google Buys Newspaper Ad to Explain Why Newspaper Ads Don't Work: Marketing Update 8/24/12


Episode #215 - August 24, 2012

Inbound, CMTOs


  • How to interact on Twitter: include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Laura Fitton (@pistachio) and Sam Mallikarjunan (@Mallikarjunan)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • YOU are welcome to come watch us tape the show LIVE - every Friday at 4pm


New "CxO" Job Title Combines Two Nerdy Positions Into One Super Nerd: The Chief Marketing Technology Officer

  • The problem with CTOs and CIOs is that they frequently don't understand in depth the marketing uses cases, and therefore don't know how to make good decisions about marketing software.
  • So many more functions that marketers have to fulfill, and so many new types of software that augment and enhance this ability.
  • If only we knew someone who made some kind of marketing software that just had everything in one place, was easy to implement, integrated all of the functions of a marketer, and didn't require a dedicated tech person?
  • Thank you John Koetsier @JohnKoetsier for mentioning us! We do much more than marketing automation, but we definitely agree that as marketing becomes a more complex discipline it will need even smarter and savvy people
  • Marketing Takeaway: Marketing is hard, and you need to invest in smart, savvy people who can help marketing grow your business and not just spend money.

Google Buys Newspaper Ad to Explain Why Newspaper Ads Don't work.

In the Can: Has Advertising Found its Natural Place?

  • Two entrepreneurs from the University of Michigan are peddling ads on toilet paper. It's kind of like those paper placements you get at a diner. Except, at the other end of the equation.
  • Advertisers pay $.5 per ad, restaurants, etc. receive the toilet paper for free. Entrepreneurs claim that impressions last "1 to 10 minutes depending on what you ate last night"
  • Riddle me this: how does the fact that the ink is soy based make it less gross to wipe with? It's still INK.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Finally, advertising that is actually useful - and I don't mean for selling stuff, I mean it's actually useful. You tell us, is there where advertising REALLY belongs?

Mobile Video Views Key to mCommerce

  • Banner Ads and other ads have a horrible performance on mobile devices
  • Mobile users are 3X as likely to view a video
  • Video now accounts for more than half of all mobile internet traffic
  • Consumers that view a video are 64% more likely to convert on an eCommerce website, because they get to see it in action
  • Sites that have video are also more likely to have visitors and customers that have greater loyalty, and are less price sensitive. You can avoid being Amazoned
  • Shameless plug If you'd like to know more about how to do marketing better than Amazon, be sure to swing by the eCommerce session during inbound!
  • Marketing Takeaway:
    • The visual revolution is well under way. Invest in video to help users feel comfortable with their purchases.

Facebook Passes Yahoo as the #2 Top US Online video content Property by Uniques 

  • 53k people watched video on Facebook in July 2012, passing Yahoo! Sites' 49 k. 
  • So, yes, #2 in terms of uniques, but Yahoo viewers still watched TWICE as many videos. 
  • And look at that average minutes per viewer - just 22 to Yahoo's 70 and Google's whopping 525 minutes PER viewer. We're talking casual peeks at friends' video posts here, not yet the kind of destination watching that occurs on YouTube.
  • Let's do some math! In total, 4.1 MILLION hours of video were watched online in the US in July. (WOW.) 1.3 MILLION of those hours were on Google sites, That's a VERY long tail.
  • As for Yahoo? 56k hours of video watched in July - more than 3x the Facebook total.
  • Marketing Takeaway:
    • The smart marketer should definitely use content videos in their Facebook marketing!
    • Reports of Facebook's death have been greatly exaggerated. Stay the course and continue investing in building a presence and community on Facebook.

Marketing Tip of the Week

Come to Inbound. If you can't come to Inbound, follow #INBOUND12 – especially Wednesday morning, August 29 from 9-10:30 am! Then come NEXT year.

Getting it All Done at Once, Marketing Made for One: Marketing Update 8/17/12


Episode #214 - August 17, 2012

Getting It All Done At Once, Marketing Made for One


  • How to interact on Twitter: include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


Progressive’s silence hurts in social media

  • This past Monday, comedian Matt Fisher posted on his Tumblr an accusation against Progressive: saying that they defended his sister’s killer in court in order to not pay out an insurance claim
  • Fisher described that his sister was hit and killed by a driver who ran a red light and Progressive didn’t pay out the insurance claim. Then, since Fisher wasn’t legally able to sue Progressive, he sued the driver instead. He goes on to claim that Progressive defended the driver in court.
  • On Tuesday (24 hours after the initial post), Progressive made a statement correcting the story, explaining that “Progressive did not serve as the attorney for the defendant in this case. He was defended by his insurance company, Nationwide.”
  • But by then, dozens of articles and blog articles had spread Fisher’s story
  • On Monday, Progressive had sent Twitter auto-replies with a legal-speak boilerplate: “our sympathies go out to Mr. Fisher... we feel we properly handled the claim within our contractual obligations”
  • The response on Tuesday was much more humane and in line with their brand - but was it too late?
  • Marketing Takeaway: Good social media marketing includes the ability to respond quickly and humanely - listening and responding is not enough when it comes too late in the game.  

More multitasking = more failures

  • New infographic from and posted on Mashable on the harmful effect of multitasking - plus interesting stats on how common it is
  • Multitasking does harm
    • Only 2% people can multitask effectively
    • Trying to focus on more than 1 thing results in 40% drop in productivity
  • Distractions are everywhere
    • Employees who use computers at work are distracted every 10.5 minutes
    • When students have a laptop in class, 62% of webpages open are unrelated to the class, and they generate 65 new screen windows per lecture
    • While average Americans watch TV, 42% browse the internet, 29% talk on their phones, 26% text or IM
    • Checking email/Internet on a smartphone: 67% will do it on a date, 45% will at the movies, 33% will at church
  • Marketing Takeaway: The battle for attention just got tougher. Even when you win out over The Bachelorette, text messages, or a hot date, you still only have moments of partial attention to get your message across. Keep it quick and to the point!  

Google updates algorithm to punish copyright violators

  • Google updated its algorithm to punish sites that have received a valid copyright removal notice
  • A copyright removal notice is a request received by Google from copyright owners reporting sites that violate copyrights, which a court then determines whether or not it is valid (in fact, infringes copyright)
  • Google is removing these sites with valid copyright removal notices and has already received and processed more than 4.3 million URLs in the last 30 days
  • Once again, this is a move to provide the best quality content to show at the top of search results
  • Marketing Takeaway: If you’re still trying to cut corners, just stop. Not only will you get caught, but you could be punished and do harm to your company’s reputation and visibility. 

Marketers don’t follow a balanced data diet

  • A recent CEB (Executive Board) study of 800 marketers found that many are not using data to make decisions
  • Marketers rely on data for only 11% of customer-related decisions
  • They more often rely on gut/intuition, including pulling on past experiences - how reliable or representative is that?
  • At the other end of the spectrum, 11% of marketers just can’t get enough data - pulling data, asking for feedback, and thriving on contact with others
  • They’re popular hires but are actually underperformers (based on managers’ performance ratings) because they don’t have the statistical understanding
  • Marketing Takeaway: Learn math. Plain and simple. Knowing how to craft a clever tagline and pull together a media spend aren’t enough anymore. You need to learn how to use the right data to make effective marketing decisions to grow your bottom line. 

Supermarkets customize prices for different shoppers

  • At a Safeway in Denver, a 24-pack of Refreshe bottled water costs $2.71 for one female shopper. For another the price is $3.69.
  • This is taking the personal loyalty programs one step further
  • Thinking it through, this is already happening for you if you have a loyalty card.
  • You get custom coupons or discounts based on your shopping habits.  Nothing really new there.
  • What’s interesting is that this is heading toward a situation where the price on the shelf doesn’t even matter.
  • A local news story you’ll see from time to time is how grocery stores will charge different rates from store to store based on different market factors
  • What people don’t realize is that it’s perfectly legal to charge two different people different prices
  • Now with coupons you get the lower price because you had to do a least a little work for it. You either clipped it out or you saved it from the last check out slip and used it on your next purchase.
  • With this new technological advance, you just get the lower price based on your prior shopping habits
  • It does seem odd to me. I think I would be bothered if I knew that I had to pay $5 for a particular product by my pal Bob gets it for $3.50. That would make me angry at the retailer.
  • Marketing Takeaway: With increasing access to powerful consumer data it becomes easier and easier to customize a price for each buyer. Proceed with caution, you need to think carefully on how that pricing approach may impact your customers perception of your brand.

Marketing Tip of the Week

Speed is an important factor in your marketing campaigns. Speed of response in social media, speed in getting your point across to your distracted audience. You need to be agile - ready to respond or change your tactics if something comes up with your marketing campaign - and clear and to the point with your marketing messages.

This Week's Marketing News. McKayla's Not Impressed: Marketing Update 8/10/12


Episode #213 - August 10, 2012

This Week's Marketing News. McKayla's Not Impressed


  • How to interact on Twitter: include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


Marketers Collect Useless Analytics

  • Recent research by Econsultancy and Lynchpin found that the majority of marketers find less than half of their web analytics data useful for decision making (25% said <25% of their data was useful)
  • In many cases, web analytics are not tied to broader business metrics or strategies - 48% said they either don’t have a business intelligence strategy or don’t have their analytics integrated with business plans
  • Thankfully, 40% have key performance indicators (KPIs) for web and non-web data, 22% have common teams/processes for web and non-web, 11% have common technology for web and non-web
  • Time or experience doesn’t necessarily help - these numbers are worse than last year’s, and marketers surveyed were less likely to say that analytics definitely drove actionable recommendations
  • Why are marketers collecting data if they’re not using it or not finding it valuable?
  • The rate of technological change is increasing exponentially - see the cool infographic posted on Marketing Pilgrim
  • Is technology moving so fast that we can’t keep up? Are we collecting data without thinking about why?
  • Marketing Takeaway: No matter how fast you want to move, or jump on new trends or technologies, never lose sight of your goal. Don’t gather data for the sake of it, gather it because it answers a question, and don’t forget what questions you want to answer. 

Search Undervalued, But Drives Brand Perception

  • Surprise surprise: search matters!
  • Some recent studies by AYTM Market Research and Weber Shandwick support the importance of search as part of effective online marketing
  • 63% of US internet users use search engines every day.  21% fairly often.
  • The top 3 factors that influence perceptions about companies are:
    • What people say (88%)
    • Online reviews (83%)
    • Online search results (81%)
  • Ranked 8th - Advertising at 56%
  • The is equally important: the absence of a brand from search results has the potential influence consumers to think a brand is not important in the context of a particular search.”
  • Marketing Takeaway: Even though social media is such a hot topic for inbound marketers, search is very big part of inbound marketing equation. Understanding your most important keywords and optimizing for search is still very important. 

Top Reasons to Like a Company in Social Media

  • Deals and discounts are no longer the #1 driver of social media follows
  • Less than a year ago, the top reasons to follow a brand were to receive special deals/discounts (41%), be entertained, and share engaging content
  • 44% US social network users said they liked to engage with pictures, 40% with regular updates, 37% with videos, 36% with jokes/cartoons/memes
  • Top reasons for “liking” a company in social media are:
    • 59% customers (shop there or purchased their product)
    • 45% deals/insider knowledge
    • 38% read/keep tabs
    • 38% new product/location info
    • 29% like company/brand posts
    • 27% want to be associated with the brand
    • 26% like direct connection to brand
    • 23% friends like it
    • 18% work there or know someone who does
  • Marketing Takeaway: Your followers want to be entertained - engage them with different forms of content. 

Can a Big Brand Wipe the Competition on Social Media?

  • Brilliant social media marketing coming from Charmin
  • Clever content, and great hashtags: #tweetfromtheseat, #sitorsquat, plus a Sit or Squat app that helps you find the cleanest public restrooms
  • Some of our favorite tweets:
  • Charmin is a Proctor and Gamble brand. We’re talking the largest product marketer in the world. They have an ad budget of $10 Billion. Huge win by a corporation you'd least expect this from.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Do not be afraid to try something clever or funny if it fits with your value proposition. If Proctor and Gamble can make toilet paper interesting, you certainly can make your brand interesting too. 

Somali Olympic Team Raises Donations

  • Facebook is gaining supporters from across the world for Somalia’s 2 Olympic athletes - fans showing their support in the form of Facebook likes and shares
  • Somalia is typically known for its famine and civil war, but using social media, they’re being surrounded by a sense of hope
  • Their page has more than 27k likes from people in more than 80 countries
  • American Refugee Committee (ARC) is spearheading this campaign and will receive a donation of $50k once the page hits 50k posts, shares, and likes
  • The donation will come from Somali telecom company Homuud, and ARC will use the money towards relief (food, clean water, medical care)
  • The campaign makes the Somali Olympians feel great, and raises much-needed funds for the country
  • A great story of what you can do with social media - and a great example of aligning your company with a cause 
  • Marketing Takeaway: Using social media for your business means more than getting likes and shares of your content. Think about causes you can support and align with - you can accomplish some pretty amazing things in the world, and for your company.

Marketing Tip of the Week

Just because something isn’t the latest and greatest doesn’t mean it can’t be important or interesting. Search is still extremely important in building awareness. Just because you have a really common product, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a clever approach to keep it relevant. I mean come on; from @charmin: To break or not to break... the seal. That is the question #tweetfromtheseat 

Going for the Gold Using Social Media: Marketing Update 8/3/12HubSpot


Episode #212 - August 3, 2012

Going for the Gold Using Social Media


  • How to interact on Twitter: include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday 


A Kisstoric Moment in Social Media History

  • Launched in conjunction with the band's 40-city summer tour with Mötley Crüe, a new online tool called Kiss Social Hub (
  • It aggregates social networks on one platform (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), and translates tweets, updates etc. into 53 languages between the band and their fans on the fly
  • Gene: "Connecting with them in their own language and familiar social networks makes the fan experience personal and direct, with no barriers of translation."
  • Paul Stanley. "Now it's a possibility for every member of the Kiss Army in the farthest reaches of the globe to reach us directly."
  • Kiss Social Hub is powered by a technology called Ortsbo - real-time communications platform used by more than 200 million people
  • Marketing Takeaway: Gene Simmons knows how to sell stuff. If he thinks social media will build your brand, odds are he’s right. Get involved in the conversation. 

Big Brands Do Consumer Research Through Social Media

  • Frito-Lay is using social media to replace old-school focus groups
  • They have a new Facebook app that allows visitors to say “I’d eat that” about potential new chip flavors, and even suggest new flavors - the app was so popular, it crashed the site the day it launched
  • So far they’ve found that a beer-battered onion-ring flavor is popular in California and Ohio, while a churros flavor is a hit in New York
  • Other companies are also using social media for consumer research
    • Estee Lauder asking social media users to vote on bringing back discontinued shades of makeup
    • Sam Adams allowing users to vote on beer qualities to create a crowd-sourced beer
    • Walmart studying Twitter chatter to determine products to stock 
  • Walmart acquired social media company Kosmix last year, largely for their ability to identify trends from social media - they’ve successfully identified when certain products are hot (e.g. cake pops) and when and where to stock more merchandise
  • Great way to get real consumer feedback, and attract feedback from a younger audience (vs. an older crowd attracted to focus groups)
  • Marketing Takeaway: Social media has piles of real consumer data that’s available to you, for free. From basic listening to creating contests and apps, think about how you can leverage this data to make better decisions. 

Gamification for Small Business

  • It’s no secret that lots of people love playing games on their mobile devices: Angry Birds, Bejeweled, words with friends
  • What if you actually got rewarded for real for a high score or clearing a level?
  • San Francisco start up called Kiip does just that - they enable real life rewards for winning games
  • Here’s a great example by PopChips - local chip maker "never fried, never baked" is up against snack food giant Frito Lay
  • They are running a program with Kiip that rewards people “in-game” with phone coupons for free bags of chips
  • Popchips has seen sales jump 40%
  • Marketing Takeaway: There are new ways to connect with your buyers being developed every day. Gamification deserves a look. You just might find a way to introduce new buyers to your products based on how well they do in their favorite game. 

Olympics Go Social

  • Record Tweeting -- and Spoilers
  • Journalist Suspended from Twitter for Criticizing NBC
    • Journalist is accusing Twitter of shutting down his account because he was critical of NBC and their handling of the Olympics
    • Not true - turns out he was shut down because he tweeted an NBC exec’s email address, which violates Twitter's terms of service
    • This does raise an interesting debate on how Twitter views freedom of speech
  • Athletes Tweeting and Getting into Trouble
  • Olympians are clearly the best at their chosen sports - but not all of them are aware of the implications of talking trash on social media
  • Michel Morganella - Swiss soccer player kicked out of the the Olympics for a racially offensive tweet about South Koreans
  • Voula Papachristou - Greek triple-jumper from Greece kicked for racist comments about African competitors
  • Hope Solo - The American soccer player who posted negative tweets about former Olympic soccer player Brandi Chastain, an NBC commentator for this year’s event
  • Marketing Takeaway: Overall the Olympics show that Twitter adoption has been adopted by the masses.

Marketing Tip of the Week

There’s a wealth of raw, live consumer information out there in social media - collect information on your product to improve it, engage consumers to participate in the company’s direction, and look for trends that you can piggy-back for your marketing.

Don't Try to Be Something You're Not: Marketing Update 7/27/12



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  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
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Chick-fil-A is an anti-gay teenage girl?

  • Chick-fil-A is in the middle of a PR scandal that starts with their COO admitting to be anti-gay
  • In response, the Jim Henson Company pulled their toys from Chick-fil-A’s kids meals
  • Chick-fil-A denied that that’s what happened... by pretending to be a teenage girl on Facebook named Abby Farle
  • This girl responded to various threads on their Facebook page but Facebookers caught on, seeing that the account was created just 8 hours before
  • They’re going all out with their rouse - this girl Abby Farle doesn’t talk in full sentences, uses numbers for words, and makes weird references
  • Chick-fil-A denies that it’s their Facebook account
  • Also in response to the COO’s comment, Boston’s Mayor Menino came out with an amazing letter to the Chick-fil-A President saying,
    • In recent days you said Chick-fil-A opposes same-sex marriage and said the generation that supports it has an ‘arrogant attitude.’ Now -- incredibly -- your company says you are backing out of the same-sex marriage debate. I urge you to back out of your plans to locate in Boston.
  • The letter was posted to Boston’s official Facebook page and got shared all over
  • Marketing Takeaway: Denial fuels the fire of a PR scandal. Not only should you be careful about the political statements your leadership says, but you should also own up to what’s said and address any issues head-on. 

People trust grocery stores and not Facebook

  • Placecast has been doing a series of studies under the umbrella of The Alert Shopper, finding out how shoppers feel about different kinds of marketing
  • They asked folks to think about their privacy as it relates to personal data for promotional purposes
  • 81% of people were comfortable giving personal information to Grocery Stores (like signing up for a loyalty card) in order to get customized coupons and deals.
  • 66% of people were fine with Amazon using their browser and purchase history to suggest items you might like to purchase
  • Getting spammed by your credit card company still ranked higher than Facebook
  • Only 33% of people said they were comfortable with Facebook using their profile information to target ads
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Be sensitive to how people perceive their information will be used.  In each of these situations personal information is being used to sell products.  Their perception can have a big impact on how willingly they share who they are and what they are interested in. 

Olympic viewing goes mobile

  • A recent TechBargains survey found that 1 in 4 (27%) US internet users plan to watch at least some of the Olympics on a smartphone this summer
    • 31% plan to watch on a tablet
    • 39% on desktop, 46% on laptop
    • 94% on TV
  • Almost half (44%) also plan to interact on social media on their smartphones in regards to the Olympics
  • 21% plan to watch the games from work
  • Marketing Takeaway: Even for content traditionally tied very closely to TV, consumers are turning to mobile. And it’s not just for viewing - it’s interacting on social media too. 

Tweeting at an Olympic level

  • The summer Olympics open today and there's a big social media component
  • TwitterHub at Twitter Tracker lets you track the real-time Olympic pulse through Twitter
  • It allows you to see social media posts around Sports, Athletes, Topics, TweetSheets
  • They also have Polls/Mad Libs/Cumulative Views/Top Athletes by tweets
  • Marketing Takeaway:  It’s really exciting to see a unique use of social media to bring viewers into the action.  Look for ways that you can use social media to draw people interested in the events that impact your business. 

IKEA brings print and mobile together in their 2013 catalog

  • The new Ikea catalog is getting interactive - it will still be printed and mailed, but now you can download a free Ikea app for your smartphone
  • Each page of the catalog that has a smartphone symbol can be viewed with the mobile app to show you videos or interactive rooms
  • Their YouTube launch video has 200k views so far, the app has over 3k reviews
  • Marketing Takeaway: You don’t always have to forgo your standard outbound marketing efforts (like print catalogs) to take advantage of new interactive inbound techniques.

Marketing Tip of the Week 

Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you’re not an anti-gay teen girl, don’t pretend to be one. If you’re going to use my information to sell me stuff, be upfront about it. Success through Inbound Marketing means being authentic and true. People will sniff out when you’re slinging the BS and it won’t be pretty.

Keepin’ it Real on the Birthday Show: Marketing Update 7/20/12


Episode #210 - July 20, 2012

Keepin’ it Real on the Birthday Show


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  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
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Yahoo snags Google’s Marissa Mayer as new CEO -- and she’s pregnant!

Digg sold off, what’s next for the news site?

YouTube launches tools to support citizen journalism

  • 1/3rd of all news video on YouTube filled by bystanders
  • Why?  A huge portion of the world’s population is walking around with phones with cameras
  • It raises an interesting question, do citizen journalists have to follow the same rules regular news broadcasters do? e.g. posting footage of people who didn't give consent
  • YouTube added a new tool to blur faces in a video - the catch is, it blurs EVERY face in the video
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Online publishing tools continue to become more powerful.  Make sure you stay aware of how tools are changing and how they can be used in publishing and promoting your content. 

Companies that don’t follow up on social media lose out

  • An American Express survey found that about half of US Internet users turn to social media to vent frustrations about products and/or hope to get a response on a service issue
  • Also, about half turn to social media to praise companies for good service or share their positive experiences
  • A survey done by Satmetrix, a customer service software provider, found that only 49% of companies tracked and followed up on customer feedback on social media -- 53% of B2C companies and 27% of B2B companies
  • Marketing Takeaway: Your customers are going to social media to talk about your products and services, oftentimes in an expectation of getting a response. If you’re not tracking and responding, what’s stopping you? Your customers are waiting for you. 

Links are good, not bad, Guardlex

Marketing Tip of the Week

Don’t be afraid to recognize the reality of the situation: which marketing tactics really work today, which ones don’t. Sometimes it means accepting you need to talk to your customers on social media or that links and SEO are more important than controlling every bit of your business.

Perception Becomes Reality, Things Aren't Always What They Seem?: Marketing Update 7/13/12


Episode #209 - July 13, 2012

Perception Becomes Reality, Things Aren't Always What They Seem


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  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
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Awesome Content Down On The Farm

  • The Petersons kids live and work on a farm in Kansas and they created a video to LMFAO’s hit “I’m Sexy and I Know It” called “I’m Farming and I Grow It”
  • Intended to show people what farming is really like
  • It was posted two weeks ago and it’s got 5.5 million views - goes to show that a clever idea and a bit of work can create a powerful piece of content
  • The idea came from Greg, 21, he and his brothers and sisters filmed it, and he produced it with iMovie and GarageBand software
  • Marketing Takeaway:  It doesn’t have to take millions of dollars to change the perception of your brand.  Just be authentic and passionate about what you do and strive to create something honest and clever.  You CAN break through and connect with your audience. 

Should You Believe Everything You Read?

  • The NYTimes reported a bunch of cases of local newspapers publishing fake or inaccurate stories, for example:
    • a Pennsylvania paper published a box score for a baseball game that never happened
    • a number of Chicago papers published articles using fake bylines that were written in the Philippines
  • Overall, newspapers are trying to make big cuts - trying to get articles on the cheap
  • Some reporters have started turning down job opportunities at print-focused newspaper/media companies, because of the low pay or the unstable future of the industry
  • Wired ran a story a few months ago on how some newspaper companies were using computers to write news stories - based on a few facts around a story (for example a baseball game), they could fabricate a whole story without a human being
  • Marketing Takeaway: Automation may help cut costs, but consider the cost of irrelevant and inaccurate content. Consider how your content is perceived because they may not appreciate your off-the-mark automated content. 

British Airways Gets Up Close and Personal

  • British Airways Launched a new program called Know Me
  • They distributed 2,000 iPads to look up the Google images of a select group of VIP customers to recognize them
  •  They also have a database of frequent fliers that messages to crew members and ground staff with flight history and preferences to deliver more personalized service
  • Trying to change the perception that being an airline passenger amounts to no more than you being human cargo
  • Some passengers think it’s a little creepy - the key may be just letting people know this is happening
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Technology gives you the power to build stronger relationships with your customers.  Make sure they are clear on what you are doing and you can create an awesome experience for your customers. 

Retargeted Ads Go From Creepy to Helpful

  • Bizrate Insights did a study on how people feel about retargeted ads and found that 60% feel neutral about them, 25% like them, and only 15% dislike them
  • Specifically the people who liked them felt they were “good reminders” of a site or product they had meant to look at
  • Of the people who clicked on the retargeted ads, the #1 reason was because they liked the product, and the #2 reason was because “it is a convenient way to visit a website I already intended to visit” (~28% of respondents)
  • Marketing Takeaway: If something hasn’t worked in the past, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work in the future. People’s perceptions change, so keep testing your marketing approaches to see what will work now. 

The Rise of Couch Commerce

  • A new ecommerce term is bubbling up:  Couch Commerce
  • There’s a shift happening in the way we shop online - the tablet is making it even easier to shop from the couch
  • Tablets appear to be turning online shopping even more into entertainment
  • An infographic from Monetate shows interesting stats of tablet usage growing dramatically - including traffic to the web via tablets grew 348% YOY
  • The forecast is that there will be approximately 300 million tablets in use by 2016
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Tablets are changing the way we shop.  If you’re online environment is not set up to render well on tablets you’re going to get left behind.  It’s time to change your perception and take advantage of the tablet.  It’s not going away.

Marketing Fail of the Week 

Marketing Tip of the Week

Consider your perceptions and embrace the fact that they change.  What might get a negative reaction now may get a positive reaction in the future.  What’s positive on one place might be really negative in another.  Keep your perceptions on notice and innovate that content.

Is a Kiss Still Just a Kiss? Keep it Simple, Stupid: Marketing Update 7/6/12


Episode #208 - July 6, 2012

Is a Kiss Still Just a Kiss? Keep It Simple, Stupid.


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  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


Simplicity Trumps Engagement in Influencing Sales 

  • The IBM Institute for Business Value found that 60-65% of business leaders who believe that consumers follow their brands on social media sites because they want to be a part of a community. Only 25-30% of consumers agree. The top reason consumers follow a brand? To get discounts – not exactly ideal for a company’s bottom line.
  • On top of that, marketers are pushing out too much on social media, distracting consumers and causing people to overthink decisions.
  • Corporate Executive Board (CEB) found that a 20% increase in Decision Simplicity results in a 96% increase in customer loyalty. It also results in brands being 86% more likely to be purchased and 115% more likely to be recommended to others.
  • Decision Simplicity the #1 driver of likelihood to buy, but the impact of simplifying purchase decisions for consumers is 4x stronger than the strategy of engagement.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Simplifying your marketing can have a great impact - increasing purchase rates and customer loyalty. Get back to basics and make it clear how and why consumers can buy your product. 

LinkedIn and Twitter Break Up

  • Earlier this week LinkedIn and Twitter ended their partnership that allowed users to sync updates from the two sites.
  • You can no longer connect your accounts such that tweeting with #in or #li also posts your tweet to LinkedIn (but you can still post to both sites via LinkedIn).
  • Hashtag #in has been tweeted 1,746,618 times while hashtag #li has been tweeted 192,873 times - #in on average is tweeted 9,650 times a day, while hashtag #li on average is tweeted 1,065 times a day.
  • 23 comments to our blog post all positive - this reduces clutter in your LinkedIn news feed so the quality of the feed should get better
  • Marketing Takeaway:  The content should match the medium. LinkedIn is not Twitter. Posting the same content in both places might seem simple, but it actually makes it harder for folks reading the feed. Tailor your updates for your audience .

YouTube Launches Video Creation Marketplace

  • YouTube announced they’re launching a Video Creation Marketplace - a place to connect video creators/stars with marketers/agencies
  • Partners (content creators) can create profiles about what they do, past successes, demographics/types of brands they work with
  • Advertisers/agencies will be able to search by parameters such as content type, target demographic, other keywords
  • Particularly targeted to small businesses - because this has already been happening ad hoc among big brands
  • Marketing Takeaway: The modern day celebrities are YouTube stars - and they might be more accessible than the big names you’re used to seeing in ads. Think about the different resources available to you and use them! 

Facebook Make Things Easier...Sort Of

  • Facebook repackaged a feature called 'Voice' that allows page administrators to easily engage on their page as themselves.
  • The 'Voice' feature allows admins to easily toggle between using their brand page as their brand page, or as their personal Facebook profile.
  • This isn't really new, but Facebook just made it much simpler for Marketers to control the “voice” of their business pages.
  • Marketing Takeaway: As the world gets more and more complicated what are you doing to make things a little easier for your customers, your users, you members. Review how your customers, users and members use your product or service and look for ways to make their lives easier. 

TechCrunch Doesn’t Know How to Fax; HelloFax Responds

  • TechCrunch blogger got an offer from Vanity Fair to get a preview of a new story - she jumped on it and asked to receive it and Vanity Fair asked for her fax number?
  • Aside from never using a fax machine, the blogger wasn’t in the office and couldn’t get anyone in the office to get the fax machine going and scan the article to forward to her remotely... everyone was amazed at the prospect of using the fax machine
  • She wrote an article all about this crazy experience - despite really wanting the content, Vanity Fair was just not making it easy
  • Great story-within-the-story: HelloFax, a company that allows you to send faxes over the internet, commented on the article and responded to comments as well, helping people figure out how to send faxes with their service
  • Marketing Takeaway: Look for cases of your customers struggling with your product or your competitors’ - these are great opportunities to delight your customers or gain new ones.

Marketing Tip of the Week

A kiss is still a kiss when you are working to keep it simple, stupid. Buyers want things to go smoothly and simply. What steps have you taken recently to bring more simplicity into how your potential customers interact with your brand and decide to become customers? Ask yourself the tough question and make things simpler for the people who want to give you $$$.






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