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Don't Try to Be Something You're Not: Marketing Update 7/27/12



  • How to interact on Twitter: include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday 


Chick-fil-A is an anti-gay teenage girl?

  • Chick-fil-A is in the middle of a PR scandal that starts with their COO admitting to be anti-gay
  • In response, the Jim Henson Company pulled their toys from Chick-fil-A’s kids meals
  • Chick-fil-A denied that that’s what happened... by pretending to be a teenage girl on Facebook named Abby Farle
  • This girl responded to various threads on their Facebook page but Facebookers caught on, seeing that the account was created just 8 hours before
  • They’re going all out with their rouse - this girl Abby Farle doesn’t talk in full sentences, uses numbers for words, and makes weird references
  • Chick-fil-A denies that it’s their Facebook account
  • Also in response to the COO’s comment, Boston’s Mayor Menino came out with an amazing letter to the Chick-fil-A President saying,
    • In recent days you said Chick-fil-A opposes same-sex marriage and said the generation that supports it has an ‘arrogant attitude.’ Now -- incredibly -- your company says you are backing out of the same-sex marriage debate. I urge you to back out of your plans to locate in Boston.
  • The letter was posted to Boston’s official Facebook page and got shared all over
  • Marketing Takeaway: Denial fuels the fire of a PR scandal. Not only should you be careful about the political statements your leadership says, but you should also own up to what’s said and address any issues head-on. 

People trust grocery stores and not Facebook

  • Placecast has been doing a series of studies under the umbrella of The Alert Shopper, finding out how shoppers feel about different kinds of marketing
  • They asked folks to think about their privacy as it relates to personal data for promotional purposes
  • 81% of people were comfortable giving personal information to Grocery Stores (like signing up for a loyalty card) in order to get customized coupons and deals.
  • 66% of people were fine with Amazon using their browser and purchase history to suggest items you might like to purchase
  • Getting spammed by your credit card company still ranked higher than Facebook
  • Only 33% of people said they were comfortable with Facebook using their profile information to target ads
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Be sensitive to how people perceive their information will be used.  In each of these situations personal information is being used to sell products.  Their perception can have a big impact on how willingly they share who they are and what they are interested in. 

Olympic viewing goes mobile

  • A recent TechBargains survey found that 1 in 4 (27%) US internet users plan to watch at least some of the Olympics on a smartphone this summer
    • 31% plan to watch on a tablet
    • 39% on desktop, 46% on laptop
    • 94% on TV
  • Almost half (44%) also plan to interact on social media on their smartphones in regards to the Olympics
  • 21% plan to watch the games from work
  • Marketing Takeaway: Even for content traditionally tied very closely to TV, consumers are turning to mobile. And it’s not just for viewing - it’s interacting on social media too. 

Tweeting at an Olympic level

  • The summer Olympics open today and there's a big social media component
  • TwitterHub at Twitter Tracker lets you track the real-time Olympic pulse through Twitter
  • It allows you to see social media posts around Sports, Athletes, Topics, TweetSheets
  • They also have Polls/Mad Libs/Cumulative Views/Top Athletes by tweets
  • Marketing Takeaway:  It’s really exciting to see a unique use of social media to bring viewers into the action.  Look for ways that you can use social media to draw people interested in the events that impact your business. 

IKEA brings print and mobile together in their 2013 catalog

  • The new Ikea catalog is getting interactive - it will still be printed and mailed, but now you can download a free Ikea app for your smartphone
  • Each page of the catalog that has a smartphone symbol can be viewed with the mobile app to show you videos or interactive rooms
  • Their YouTube launch video has 200k views so far, the app has over 3k reviews
  • Marketing Takeaway: You don’t always have to forgo your standard outbound marketing efforts (like print catalogs) to take advantage of new interactive inbound techniques.

Marketing Tip of the Week 

Don’t try to be something you’re not. If you’re not an anti-gay teen girl, don’t pretend to be one. If you’re going to use my information to sell me stuff, be upfront about it. Success through Inbound Marketing means being authentic and true. People will sniff out when you’re slinging the BS and it won’t be pretty.

All About the Hashtags: #Pintermission & #FriskyFriday: Marketing Update 4/20/120


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Episode #197 - April 20, 2012


  • How to interact on Twtter: Include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Rachel Sprung (@RSprung) and Patrick Shea (@mpatrickshea)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


26 Miles in Tweets and Instagrams: John Hancock Maps the Boston Marathon With Social Media

  • Created a social media visualization map of Instagram pictures when people tweeted with #BostonMarathon
  • Marketing Takeaway: Be the leader and take the steps to bring different social media together.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Acknowledge the fact that people spend different time on different platforms.

Email Marketing Campaigns of 2012 US Presidential Candidates

  • 44-day sample of emails from presidential candidates
  • Looked at: Total emails sent, Email sending frequency (days between sends), Number of different senders in the “From” lines, Average word count per email
  • Significant increases are seen in the Paul and Santorum efforts.  The former raised $4.5M in January, much of it online, and the latter started quietly then rocketed his campaign forward with the win in Iowa on January 3, 2012.  These facts, in part, likely explain the increases.
  • Marketing Takeaway: If you have a clear purpose for sending additional emails that are relevant to individuals, segments, or entire lists, it’s OK to send more often than usual.
  • As with the observations above, we see a sharp increase in frequency for Santorum and Paul, as well as steady frequency from Obama and Romney.  That the most frequent senders (every 1.3 days) are sending twice as frequently as the leading candidates (every 2.4-3 days) should be of concern.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Keep an eye on your open rates, link clicks, and video views over time.  If you see any or all of these falling off, especially open rates, consider the frequency of your sending and whether you might benefit from scaling it back a bit.
  • There were few changes in average word count from the 44 days we tracked Fall 2011 to the 44 days we tracked in Winter 2012.  For all but one candidate, word count is down slightly.  The huge spike for Gary Johnson is due to his including entire news articles inside the body of the email.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Imagine receiving an 1,100 word email on your mobile device!  We advocate for shorter, simpler messages complemented by links out to web stories and blog posts.

Ikea Squeezes 2,800 Products Inside Single Web Banner Ad

  • Squeezed an entire store—some 2,800 products—inside a 300-by-250-pixel banner ad
  • As you move your mouse around the banner, the products get magnified. You can click on them, and it takes you to a page where you can order them.
  • Make the most of any space.
  • Ikea is a hit for apartment dwellers and people who have small living spaces
  • Marketing Takeaway: Think of different ways, visually or through messaging to convey your brand’s message/value.

Nike Is Killing Midnight Releases and Creating a New Twitter RSVP System to Sell Shoes

  • People still riot over shoe releases just like Apple.
  • On the RSVP date, our store will send a tweet at a random time to begin our Twitter RSVP process, including a product specific hashtag (#tag).
  • Once registration is open, you must Direct Message ("DM") the store within 60 minutes. The DM must include:
    • The product-specific #tag tweeted by the store
    • The last 4 digits of your State/Passport/Military/School ID number
    • Your shoe size (limit one).
  • Confirmations from the store will be sent via DM to those who have successfully secured their requested size. Shoes will be awarded on a "first respond, first serve" basis.
  • Once confirmed (or more likely, if confirmed), you'll have to pick up the shoe from the Nike Store on launch day. If you don't, the unclaimed shoe will go back into the Twitter RSVP system.
  • Using social media to stop social misfits.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Engage with a community who is currently listening.

#FriskyFriday - Playboy

  • Playboy asks ladies to share pictures of themselves using #FriskyFriday and then chooses a winner at the end of the day
  • Grew the Twitter account by 300% in 2011
  • Playboy’s daily followers triple every Friday compared to every other day in the week
  • 50,000 @ mentions on #FriskyFriday and 350,000 clicks on tweeted links
  • Marketing Takeaway: Find a routine that works, and you can constantly draw the same people in.

Honda Wants You to Stop Using That Damn Pinterest Already

  • Pinterest portion, Honda agency RPA is offering $500 each to the most active pinners (as identified by Mashable) if they'll take a 24-hour break from Pinterest—aka a "Pintermission" and actually go out and do stuff they've been pinning about.
  • If they accept, the pinners get $500 immediately and must set up a personal #Pintermission board, on which they are to post photos of their 24-hour Pinterest break. Honda will then repine those photos on its own page.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Know how people use the platforms you're active in.  Pinterest is about intent. Honda's new campaign is about doing (what you intend to do).

Marketing Tip of the Week

  • When you start a campaign, think about how you can convey your brand into the message.
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