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The Times They Are A Changin': Marketing Update 6/8/12


Episode #204 - June 8, 2012

The Times They Are A Changin'


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  • On the show today is Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) and Andrew Quinn (@andrewtquinn)
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Has Karen Rubin had her baby?

The Times They Are a Changin’

  • Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker presented a summary of the state of the web, and there is a lot that’s changed
  • New technologies are gaining adoption faster than any previous technologies - ipads are ramping faster than ipods, and android phones are faster than them both - 29% US adults have a tablet vs. 2% 3 years ago
  • Mobile phones surpassed landlines in 2002, and the number of landlines has stayed stable and there are now ~4x more mobile phones than landlines
  • Newspaper ad spending has declined rapidly in the last 5 years, so much so that internet ad spend has surpassed it
  • Marketing Takeaway: Things are changing faster than ever before. If you’re waiting to see how things work out, you’re going to be left in the dust before you know it. 

Is TV advertising revenue about to fall off a cliff?

  • Late 1990’s early 2000’s pundits said newspapers would tank, and at the time nobody bought it. Nothing changed in a decade, then it went off a cliff.
  • The same thing is happening to TV right now - you don't have to watch TV on TV, you can DVR, you don't have to watch ads, can get news on the Internet.
  • People pull the content they want to them when they want it.
  • Marketing Takeaway: If people do this for their news and their entertainment why would you think they wouldn’t do it when they are going to buy something. And that goes double for B2B buyers. Why fight it, make sure you have content that your buyers can draw to them when they want it.   

Google+ Goes Local 

Building SMB Revenue with Business Builder 

#ClosedLoopSocial is Here 

  • HubSpot and HootSuite are teaming up with an app, webinar, and ebooks around generating, nurturing, and measuring leads from social media - what’s called Closed Loop Social
  • Social media is a growing channel, and the average budget spent on social media has increased 133% in just 3 years
  • So far, marketers have mostly used social media as a promotion and engagement tool, but this new partnership lets marketers use social as a lead nurturing and closing tool (e.g. prospecting via social media keyword monitoring)
  • App is available in beta now, and they are shooting to break the record for the world’s largest webinar on July 12, and HootSuite will be the presenting sponsor at HubSpot’s Inbound conference in August
  • Marketing Takeaway: Marketers are still learning how to use social media in different ways - think about how you can use social for nurturing and get closed loop analytics on your social media marketing efforts.

Marketing Fail of the Week

USPS tries to make us feel warm and fuzzy about spam

Marketing Tip of the Week

"If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late." - Seth Godin. The marketing industry is changing at a faster rate every day, waiting to try new techniques is asking to be left behind.

Marketing Analytics in Action: Marketing Update 3/9/12


Episode #191 - March 9th, 2012


  • How to interact on Twtter: Include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Karen Rubin (@KarenRubin) and Mike Volpe (@MVolpe)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


AT&T's Twitter Spam Snafu

  • AT&T's account was filled with tweets all sent within minutes saying basically the same thing to hundreds (if not thousands) of people
  • They were about how to win free NCAA tickets in its Ticket Chasers contest.
  • Targeting a wide variety of people, such as our own @brianwhalley who is not an ATT customer, doe not follow ATT, does not tweet about basketball or indicate in his profile that he likes sports
  •  The next day, all the tweets were deleted
  • Chris Baccus, the head of social media at AT&T, to get his side of the story. Turns out, he's the one who deleted all of those tweets you see above, which is why, if you visit the account now, you won't see any trace of this Twitter spamming.
  • Baccus had hired a new social media agency with whom he'd never worked in the past to manage AT&T's Ticket Chasers campaign. The intent of the campaign was to target people who would be interested in the content of the program with personalized tweets:
    • bloggers (who would get the word out about Ticket Chasers)
    • people who live in the cities in which the Ticket Chasers promotion is occurring
    • and people who mention basketball or March Madness.
  • The agency targeted people that fit this criteria even if they weren't followers of AT&T. They did not need to meet all three of the criteria to be targeted, as evidenced by the tweet Brian Whalley received (he lives in the Boston area).
  • "They used the account in a way that had not been discussed," AT&T's Baccus said. "So I was aware of it when I checked the account in the morning, saw what was out there, and that is not the way we run our account."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Watch new marketing activities closely.
Niagara Ok's Tightrope Walking
Thanking People for their +1's
  • Yes, a new Google+ feature has been spotted in the wild that further blends organic results with social  information.  Early today State of Search and charliesaidthat noticed a thank you link on an organic listing next to the Google+ users who +1′d a result.
  • Just like you would thank a friend in person for giving you a helpful recommendation, now if a friend’s +1 helped you find what you were looking for while searching on Google, you can immediately thank him or her by clicking the “Thanks” link right in your search results and writing a quick message. When your friend signs in to Google+, your thanks will appear in his or her stream. We’re continuing to try out new ways you can interact with the people you care about right on the results page.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Do you thank your community who shares your content?
Marketing Analytics vs. Web Analytics
  • According to Unica's State of Marketing in 2011 report, 57% of marketers cited "measurement, analysis, and learning" as the biggest bottleneck they face within their organizations.
  • The trouble is, when most marketers hear the word 'analytics,' they tend to think of the metrics you'd typically associate with a web analytics tool like Google Analytics -- traffic, bounce rate, unique visitors, etc.
  • Web analytics measure things a webmaster cares about, like page load times, page views per visit, and time on site. Marketing analytics, on the other hand, measure business metrics like traffic, leads, and sales, and which events (both on and off your website) influence whether leads become customers.
  • With marketing analytics, marketers can understand the effectiveness of their marketing, not just the effectiveness of their website. 
  • Using marketing analytics allows marketers to identify how each of their marketing initiatives (e.g. social media vs. blogging vs. email marketing, etc.) stack up against one another, determine the true ROI of their activities, and understand how well they're achieving their business goals.
  • 82% of marketers say their executive management expects every campaign to be measured, less than a third can effectively evaluate the ROI of each channel.
  • Marketing Analytics can
    • Integrate Across Different Marketing Channels

    • Human Centric data on the customer lifecycle
    • Closed Loop Reporting
  • Marketing Takeaway: Measure what is important for your business - the business metrics.
Real World B2B Marketing
  • E-mail interview with Heather Smith of arcplan, a business intelligence software provider. Heather is the director of marketing at arcplan which is a growing business but can be seen as small in the B2B space despite the reach of the company’s offerings.
  • arcplan is an international business intelligence (BI) software provider that’s been in business since 1993. Our solutions consist of dashboards and reporting environments, as well as corporate performance and planning software, but also mobile BI and collaborative BI solutions
  • As the Director of Marketing, I handle all marketing for North America – lead generation, content creation, social media, campaigns, email marketing, shows, etc., and I even manage our inside sales team.
    • I’m a jack-of-all-trades here, as I have been since I started my career. I think many SMB B2B marketers can relate – we’re all being asked to do more with less, whether that means smaller budgets or fewer staff. A lot of us end up falling into this role of “do everything / be everything” marketers.
  • In terms of lead generation, we get the most impact from shows and webinars, but in terms of opportunity development, the impact comes from lead nurturing.
  • We put on webinars about every 6 weeks with BI solutions experts as presenters, and we’ve gotten terrific response from those. We try to be really practical and thought-provoking with the material. I’ve seen a lot of companies regurgitate product demos and call them webinars, or present purely educational material with no sales pitch at all, and I haven’t seen either of those strategies work.
  • Lead nurturing has had a great impact for us in terms of opportunity generation. I’ve found that targeted e-mails followed by calls from our inside sales team is a winning combination.
  • Unfortunately, we have not put enough emphasis on SEO to date, despite the fact that inbound leads are some of our most significant in terms of opportunity generation.
  • The KPI I’m most concerned with every quarter is marketing’s contribution to revenue, specifically the % of revenue influenced by marketing. Gone are the days when marketing could vaguely influence sales – now we have to have direct, measurable impact.
  • Other important KPIs include the number of leads marketing brings into the top of the funnel (quarterly) and what lead sources generate the most opportunities and subsequently, revenue.
  • In my dreams, I’d love “marketing middleware” – an application that serves as the glue between all the other applications I use.
  •  I believe the web is constantly maturing as a marketing tool. Marketing is riding the wave of internet technology and is subject to the constant ebb and flow of technology changes.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Make sure you are having a "direct, measurable impact". 
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