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The Rise in Marketing Analytics: Marketing Update 4/27/12


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Episode #198 - April 27, 2012


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  • On the show today is Karen Rubin (@karenrubin) and Mike Volpe (@mvolpe)
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  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday


Potty Humor Sells
  • Cottonelle is introducing a campaign that uses humor to address the embarrassment surrounding adult wipes, and to underscore that, rather than substituting wipes for dry toilet paper, consumers typically use them in tandem.
  • Southern hospitality, the clean getaway, the freshy fresh, the buddy system, the two-handed tango, el cleaño

  • The Double Doodie, Double en Taint, Wipe and Swipe, No fear for the rear, fickle fecal wipe, Skid marks no more!, The American Bidet
  • End of the ads - “Nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the Cottonelle Care Routine,” says a voiceover. “Try them together. Then name it on Facebook.”
  • The name-generating campaign “gives an opportunity for consumers to talk about it, and to make the behavior more routinized,” Mr. Simon said.
  • “To try to get prescriptive begins to cross that line of critical distance, where, ‘You’re telling me that I’m not getting clean enough and I’m not sure that I want to hear that,’ ” Mr. Simon said.
  • Being open-ended, and encouraging consumers to name their approach on Facebook, represents “the democratization of toilet etiquette,” said Dean Suarez-Starfeldt, senior vice president for strategic planning at Biggs-Gilmore. “We don’t as a brand want to push a toilet routine, but we want to activate the conversation.”
  • “We know from our user data that the growth is 100 percent incremental,” said Mr. Simon of Cottonelle. “If you used six squares of dry toilet paper before, you’d still use six squares, and one or two flushable wipes.”

  • Marketing Takeaway: Be serious about data, but willing to laugh at yourself. 
B2B Marketing Investments in 2012
  • Forrester report titled “B2B Marketers Must Focus On Partnership and Experimentation As 2012 Budgets Rise”
  • Based on 864 marketing executives at NA and EU companies with 100+ employees
  • CMO's are putting them money into marketing operations, including analytics that measure marketing success
  • How much will your planned budget in 2012 change as compared to 2011 in the following areas
    • 8.2% Marketing Operations
    • 1.9% Product Marketing
    • 1.5% Field Enablement
    • 1.2% Customer and market intelligence
    • 0.1% Lead Origination
    • -0.1% Lead Nurturing
    • -3.3% Channel Enablement
    • -3.6% Branding Awareness
    • -6.8% Customer community management
  • Partner more closely with sales. Too many marketing organizations are still playing a reactive role to sales. But by focusing the marketing team on deep customer and market expertise, senior marketers can increase their clout with sales management and become equal partners in defining the go-to market strategy, determining together what the sales team really needs, which is usually different from what it asks for.
  • Embrace a culture of experimentation. Firms such as Kaspersky Lab set aside funds for marketing experimentation and encourage their teams to challenge the status quo. Marketers cannot do the same things over and over and expect different results. Instead, they must experiment with emerging technologies and test new program ideas.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Social media should be integrated with the rest of your marketing, not a standalone effort.
Xerox CMO Not Sold on Social
  • Xerox recently began experimenting with Twitter paid advertising a couple weeks ago. The verdict so far: "An initial negative reaction from our more established clients."
  • Christa Carone, CMO at Xerox "I'm not sure it works for our campaigns and our messaging," she said of Twitter ads.
  • While Carone did not dismiss the importance of sharing Xerox branded digital content through social media, she indicated that certain social channels might not be suitable for all marketing purposes for the company, especially when it comes to selling multi-million dollar systems to businesses.
  • "I know that the CIOs of major companies are not going to be making a $5 million... deal based on their connection with Xerox on Facebook," she said. 
  • As for metrics to gauge video success, Carone said that's not the point. "It's not so much about views on YouTube," she said, calling the video a "conversation starter" for salespeople and internal employee relations. "It starts a conversation that they can have with clients and prospects."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Be more inbound.  Let everyone else think whatever they want.

Googles Over Optimization Penalty

  • Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, commented that Google will soon be rolling out a new over-optimization penalty in its ranking algorithm. This update has supposedly gone live already according to some, but Google said "in the next few days" 36 hours ago.
  • Google has been clearly signaling to the world through algorithm and indexing updates over the last 36 months its intent to gradually minimize technical SEO benefits in favor of rewarding truly valuable content.
  • Dan Zarrella showed in the Science of SEO that unless a website resides in a highly competitive search environment, creating and publishing lots of good content can provide the same or better levels of SEO success than deploying constant technical SEO. This speaks to how far Google has come in their attempts to devalue technical SEO in favor of valuable content.
  • If technical SEO is becoming less and less effective with Google over time what are the current technical practitioners supposed to do to keep their clients ranking in the near future? They should start creating more content, doing traditional public relations and spending lots of time building social media communities.
  • Google says will only affect three percent of websites. They also said their SSL hidden keyword reporting would only affect 10% of searches. Kuno has documented a 50% average affect across the board this spring.
  • If you’re busy publishing lots of great content, building active social media communities, not constantly tweaking your on-page SEO and unnaturally building backlinks, then nothing.However, if you rarely publish new content on your website and rely primarily on some combination of on-page SEO and unnatural link building to drive organic search traffic, then you should be concerned.
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Do inbound marketing, not technical SEO.
HoJo's Apologizes to Don Draper
  • Hotel chain Howard Johnson's is apologizing to a fictional character Don Draper for something they didn't actually do.
  • "Mad Men" fans will remember from Sunday's episode that Don Draper lost it on Sunday's episode after learning that the heated pool at the Plattsburgh Howard Johnson's was closed. As a mea culpa, HoJo will give a free stay to anyone named Don Draper.
  • Now through May 8, 2012, any traveler with the legal name Don Draper can book a free one-night stay this summer at one of the following select Howard Johnson hotels throughout the U.S. 
  • Marketing Takeaway: Have fun with fads. 


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