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The 200th Anniversary Episode: Marketing Update 5/11/12


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Episode #200 - May 11, 2012

  • How to interact on Twtter: Include #MktgUp in your tweet!
  • On the show today is Karen Rubin (@karenrubin) and Mike Volpe (@mvolpe)
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by the show to watch as part of the live studio audience - 4pm Friday

Acura's Inaccurate Twitter Campaign

  • David was tweeting with someone about how he WASN'T at Jazzfest, but used the #jazzfest2012 hashtag
  • He got a tweet from @Acura_Insider inviting him to visit the Acura tent for a chance to get into the Acura VIP Jazz Fest
  • Actually, this could have been an interesting use of Twitter had a human been involved. I go to music festivals and it can get hot and I can get tired. If I tweeted that I was tired at #JazzFest2012 and then I got a tweet back inviting me to the VIP area, I would be kinda psyched. I might have taken them up on the offer. Then if I enjoyed it I would have talked it up. That would have worked.  

  • But this machine-generated stuff is not a good way for Acura to generate attention. The negative feelings of those who are spammed far outweigh the good vibes of Acura being onsite.
  • From @Acura_Insider "As I have communicated to David, we are also disappointed about the tweets that were sent out under the @Acura_Insider handle, offering VIP access to people who were not attending Jazz Fest. The intention of this program was to provide an exclusive VIP experience during the festival to those checking in and tweeting from Jazz Fest. The program worked well during the first weekend of the festival, but it appears that the company we were working with changed something for the second weekend and messaged people that they were not supposed to; essentially anyone using the hashtag regardless of whether or not they were there."
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Keep in mind that marketing automation and social media might be like oil and water. 
Marketing Fun With Breastfeeding
  • Time magazine cover story that shows a mother breast-feeding her 3-year-old son is drawing criticism for breaking social taboos.
  • Jamie Lynne Grumet, the 26-year-old Los Angeles mother pictured breast-feeding on the cover ofTime magazine, said "We knew exactly what we were going to get into," Grumet says. "I do understand why Time chose this picture because … it did create such a media craze to get the dialogue talking."
  • "To me, the whole point of a magazine cover is to get your attention," Time's managing editor, Rick Stengel, said in an interview with Forbes. "From the moment that we started talking about this story as a cover possibility, it was like I couldn't get out of the meetings. There was so much opinion and passion about it and discussion. What that told me is, boy, this is a story that people care a lot about."
  • Marketing Takeaway: A little (or a lot) of controversy can go a long way. 
Bing Promotes Human Interaction
  • Bing is introducing a revamp today that Microsoft executives are calling "the most significant update" to the search engine since it launched three years ago.
  • Instead of sprinkling (social results) throughout the main set of "blue links" (as they have since Bing began adding them two years ago), the search engine is creating a whole new widget, over on the side, that doesn’t treat social as a "result" to be reviewed but as a starting point for a conversation
  • The core idea underlying Bing’s revamp is that "people are as important as pages," Bing Director Stefan Weitz tells Fast Company. "People tell us they trust their friends above all other forms of recommendations," he explains. The revamp then, is an attempt to "mimic that natural human tendency to ask questions and have people answer them."
  • But on the right side of the page, Bing now includes an app that tells you who among your friends in Facebook might have expertise in the topic you’re asking about (provided you’ve given Bing permission to access Facebook). You can then enter a question for that person and post it directly to their Wall.
  • Also in the "Friends Bar," Bing lists people you don’t necessarily know, but who its algorithms have determined are potentially knowledgeable about the subject at hand (or, in Bing nomenclature, "are influential about" it), so that you can similarly reach out to them for help.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Build your social media presence NOW while this is all being figured out.
Would you pay for your friends attention? 
  • Facebook is testing a product that will allow users to pay to make sure their friends see particular posts to the site. A Facebook press rep told that company isn't sure what the price for this privilege will be yet. It might $2. It might be more or less. It might end up free.

  • Facebook needs to keep experimenting with new ways to make money off having 900 million users. It's ad business is decelerating and the amount of money it made off games like FarmVille is not increasing anymore.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Inbound tactics (like creating good content) probably work in your personal life as well as your professional life. 
The Hubbub on Zuckerbergs Hoodie
    • Over the last two days, there has been a great deal of mudslinging and hand-wringing about the significance of what Mark Zuckerberg, 27, the chief of executive of Facebook, wore when he went courting would-be investors in New York.
    • His critics saw it as a sign of immaturity and disrespect for those whom he expected to finance his company.
    • “Mark Zuckerberg really doesn’t give a damn about you,” Henry Blodgett wrote in Business Insider. Mr. Blodgett continued, in case New York wanted to listen: “(And I don’t mean to be rude, Wall Street, but Mark Zuckerberg is actually wise not to care much about you. First, as discussed, he controls the company. But second, most of you don’t do much to deserve much attention from CEOs.)”
    • But maybe he would have been taken more seriously if he had been sporting Betabrand's new Executive Pinstripe Hoodie, which the San Francisco-based online clothing company calls "a revolutionary business-casual — or casual-business, if you prefer — breakthrough."
    • Lindland told HuffPost that "the response to this hoodie was huge. So we put 'em into production and we're starting to ship 'em next week. We realized it nicely synched up with Facebook's IPO," he added

  • Marketing Takeaway: Jump on to BIG stories and get and extra marketing boost. 
Are you measuring your Marketing wrong? 


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