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Brian Halligan Takes a Nap: Marketing Update 9/28/12


Episode #219

Brian Halligan Takes a Nap


  • So, we’re back... and no one’s more shocked than we are! Let’s see if we can limit the damage on set during today’s episode...
  • All the old episodes are on iTunes. If you like the show, please leave a 5-star review!
  • Anyone is welcome to come by and watch the show as part of the live studio audience. Every Friday at 4PM in Cambridge, MA!


Kimmel Gimmick Gets Twitter All Aflutter,0,7135681.story


Show Notes:

  • Sunday night at the Emmy’s  - Jimmy Kimmel, no stranger to incorporating Social Media into his late night talk show
  • Asked the audience to get on twitter and tweet “OMG Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage at the Emmys. Turn ABC on now.”
  • Results?
    • Nearly 74K tweets in 3 minutes (20,000ish tweets a minute) – helped by fellow comics like Stephen Colbert and Joel McHale who have massive followings
    • The whole event generated an estimated 1 million tweets
    • 13.2 million viewers, a jump of 6% over the previous year


  1. Don’t be afraid to take chances! Find creative ways to engage with your audience in different channels to drive more interest
  2. Give folks a clear call to action
  3. Leverage your best followers and biggest fans
  4. Be awesome like Jimmy Kimmel


Self-promotional tie-in J

HubSpot Original Story: Can Inbound Style Go Viral??

  • Video launched one week ago – made it in 2 days
  • Over 100K Visits – 3K visits away from beating out our top-performing video
  • Fastest "viewer velocity" - beat You Oughta Know (which got 40K in one week) - this got 80K in one week.




Is a picture worth more than 140 characters?

Show Notes:

  • Instagram just passed Twitter in daily active users on mobile this past August: Instagram – 7.3 million daily users vs. Twitter – 6.9 million daily users
  • Instagram users also spend more time on Instagram 257 minutes vs. Twitter 170 minutes
  • AND all this despite the fact that Twitter had 29 million unique US smartphone-based users while Instagram had under 22 million
  • This sort of makes sense:
    • Instagram - Highly visual flow of content (all photos) – cause someone to pause and take it in
    • Twitter – designed to make it easier for users to flow through their stream more quickly
  • #Rant
    • Twitter has a fully functional website that was not included in the math vs. Instagram is ONLY a mobile app – their website is just a glorified Landing Page pushing you to download it on iTunes
    • If you want to do anything on Instagram, you have to use your phone so it FORCES you to use the mobile all
    • Instagram is currently choosing to funnel all activity through mobile. It’s suboptimal. IMAGINE if you could also use Intsagram mobile.
    • All the articles that talk about this are tying it back to monetization opportunities on mobile – users aren’t stupid. We realize you’re trying to wring the last dollar out of mobile.


  1. Don’t limit the different ways people can access your content – different people want to use different channels at different times for different tasks.
  2. Don’t take quotes like this at face value. Context is everything – “Insta (and by extension) FB isn’t better than Twitter.” It sounds like a PR spin and is looking more and more like it’s part of a bigger story that has only just begun...

Maps on Apps on Apps

The Launch of iOS 6 comes with a Native Apple Maps App

Show Notes:

  • iOS6 launched last week with a brand new Apple Maps app and a number of people have complained about the Apple Maps app:
    • Inaccuracies and Poor Directions
    • Level of Detail
    • Google Maps wins out in every category
    • Basically, not ready for prime time
    • Apple is getting a lot of heat about this, and issues a statement where they
      • Apologized for the rushed launch
      • Committed to making it better   
      • Encouraged folks to use other Apps, including Google maps, which...they tried replacing with their app.
      • They’re committing to making improvements to it, but will they be able to catch up?
      • Long story short: They really messed up.


  1. Really important for Marketers – we have a tendency to think about our timeline and our campaigns and it’s really easy to get wrapped up in that...
  2. Just because you want to put something out there, doesn’t mean it’s ready for your audience OR that your audience is ready for it.
  3. Think more about your audience, less about your own needs and desires.

50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s FB Page MORE than It’s Website

Show Notes:

  • 50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook page MORE than it’s website
    • 82% of the 1000 social media users polled said that Facebook is a good place to interact with Brands
    • Lots of reasons: Feel more connected, feel like Brands are listening to them, feel it’s more useful, have also saved money
    • 77% of those who “Like” a brand on Facebook have saved money as a result
    • It’s easy to see why folks prefer a brand’s FB page
      • Don’t have to navigate someone’s website/walking billboard/branded ‘experience’
      • Forces brands to behave in a certain way on their facebook pages if they want to play with the rest of the kids
      • Also forces those brands to act like a civil human being because they are sharing screen space with pictures of people’s grandchildren and adorable cat videos
      • “You come off sounding like a fart in a library if you act too salesy and don’t offer something of value.”


  1. Tailor your message to your medium – Take a look at what your typical customer’s fb stream actually looks like and try to create something that works in that milieuuuuu

Marketing Tip of the Week

Whether you’re a massively successful company, like Apple, a recently acquired startup like Instagram, or just a regular old company trying to do business on the web, think more about what your customer needs and less about what you need.


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